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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Photoshoot | The Bad Pegasus - Stevie Lee

All photos are 35mm.  For more analog photos check out Queen of Anti-social

Welcome to the brave and dynamic = BAD PEGASUS

Stevie Lee isn't new here.  She's been around for a while.  Mister Lee, La, and I got the chance to work with her this past weekend.  It was hella fun and we got to know Stevie a bit more.  This talented lady has been dancing, singing, and creating at an early age.  For this shoot - a lot of the inspiration came from 'Paris Is Burning' and a bit of 'Selena'.

We also got to hear Stevie's upcoming album which we will keep hush hush until the time comes.


It was truly an amazing project.  Stevie basically did her whole album on her own as far as producing, mixing , and all that jazz!  She really showed her style and I love originality.

Anyway, check out the photos after the jump!  We really had tons of fun this day.  Thanks to La, Mister Lee, and Stevie!

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