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Saturday, January 10, 2009


It bugs me out how police pigs can be so cruel. This video is a re-post of many cries that I've been seeing either on Twitter or on blogs. Oscar Grant was fatally shot while he was being handled. I've read that the cop either pulled out the wrong weapon, instead of the Taser gun, the gun was pulled. Either way, it isn't right. I don't know who in their right minds would think so. Stop the violence.


Christopher James said...

Ok first... dude should of stopped acting tuff and resisting arrest. Is the cop dumb as hell... yes... Simple answer to all of it though. If the dude didn't resist arrest there would of been no reason for a "taze" and he would of still been alive... Not gonna lie tho that's how u get shit done. Where was this Texas where you can just pull a gun out and shoot someone?

Evolved Athletic said...

There is 4th video now another video deep on youtube from chan 2 in the bay area, of a 4th angle.

Showing that there was Zero reason to pull out a gun. Especially when there are three other officers on a subject that was not resisting.

The cop broke procedure there was no threat to life with a subject on the floor and also he endangered his fellow officers with pulling out a firearm in a close struggle with a subject not brandishing a weapon.

The TAZER defense is also false because the tazers are carried on a thigh holster not a belt holster.
It a way different look, weight, and feel then a glock.

Chainsaws and Jelly said...

I mean even in this video you can clearly see that he's not resisting. Even his friends aren't resisting. He puts his hands up as to surrender. Like I said, it's bogus and cops always seem to fuck it up.