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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Got to finally meet up with my old homie back in Sugar Land, Texas. He's a dope dj. Check out Nana Chill. Google it, folks! It's too late for me to do all this typing.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Zoo York Bomb Down Broadway


I'm paying my respects to the Mumbai attacks. People are so heartless. When will everyone wake up? Whether it be in America or around the world?

And I still feel strongly about the hijacked ships and the hostages. My dad is a merchant marine and by that said, you get my point.

Hero: Lucy Liu

To me, a hero is more valiant by going out of their way to make small changes and make a difference somehow.

I bring to you Lucy Liu, UNICEF's Goodwill Ambassador. She's just gorgeous in and out. We need more people like her.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lobe Riders!

Hey ladies!!! And fellas, ;) It's free, it's a Saturday, and come support the Lobe Riders. Check out the jewelry at I want to thank Wendy for the awesome invite.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Newark Resident

Yes, I live in Newark.
The city that gets bad rep and leaves people shitting in their pants.
I've lived here, I'd say 2 years (going on 3) and have grown to love the city I live in. It's really not bad as any other part of Jersey. You have crime in any city all the way down to your humblest suburb. Don't front!

This post is because I get sick and tired of how people in Newark can live like the way they do. MEANING they just sit around and do nothing. Newark has great potential. It once was great and it just seemed like the people gave up. Did you know that there are mini mansions in Newark? Well, now you know. I've walked passed them in awe. There isn't much litter around there and the neighborhood actually looks like your average suburb until you walk down to Broadway and then the people decided to fuck it up. Litter everywhere and it's grungy.

I took my time out to write to Cory Booker in regards to the "Street Fight" movie that inspired me more. I'm not going to post what I wrote but the jist was I complimented him on his struggles and how I am part of this big "change" that America keeps bringing up. I get a quick response in like a day! Nothing was noted that "this is an automated response", nothing at all. Until Daniel Joseph wrote to him and he forwarded me with "Hey is this the same message you got?" And to my dismay, yes it was. Mr. Booker, I'm sure your mama taught you better than that. This is why I am weary with all politicians. Even the ones who seem too good to be true. The first step in this "change" is to listen to the people of your city, state, and country. We want to express our views and gratitudes to you. What do we get? A phony e-mail closed with your name.

This isn't to knock Mr. Booker. But how do we feel like part of the community when you aren't listening to us? I'm an avid believer that if you talk the talk, then walk the walk. I am a supporter of you. And in return you should support the people that reach out to you. I took my time out to write to you. Period.

Anyways, people can agree or disagree with my opinion on how I took this. But in the end, don't be a hypocrite about things. I want the real thing. I'm certainly doing my part as a Newark resident.

Newark is great. People need that push. They need to be heard. I'm listening, are you?



The A TEAM is well known throughout the lovely state of NJ. They are amazing artists in all of its aspects. Here at Chainsaws and Jelly, the A TEAM is much respected.

Thanks to Robin Hood for hooking me up with the link to share with the world. Check these guys out on their Flickr:A TEAM You won't be disappointed!


Eugenio Recuenco

Hands down has to be one of my favorite photographers! Eugenion Recuenco is a Spanish photographer. He captures the most creative photos. Whether it's creepy, taboo, I love them all.

Les Millions d'Arlequin

Photos by Solve Sundsbo

Oh man I fell in love with this.

MIXA Flash Drives

Remember these? I'm a fan of cassette tapes. I love them. I still have a bunch in my old room in my parents house. But now you can keep your files in them. So cute!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Sen Dog of Cypress Hill has an awesome article about Sen Dog. I want to shout out my homie, Reggie out in California doing it big! We miss you out in Jersey. And don't you worry, I'm always holding down Newark.


FEISTY MAGAZINE needs some participation from everyone out there in the world. Submit your questions, rants, seeking for advice, etc and Ginamarr and Sheena She will personally answer it to the best of our capabilities on the next podcast!

Please e-mail at

Thank you so much!



MC Breed from Michigan is best known for working with Tupac as well as Too Short.
"Ain't No Future In Yo' Frontin" is my jam!
R.I.P. Last I read he had kidney failure and his toxicology tests are still pending.

For Ginamarr

Born Isabelle Genevieve Marie Anne Gall but known as France Gall.
Not only does she have good music but as well as great hair and great outfits.

Photography | Richard Avedon

{photos via google image search}

Richard Avedon was an American photographer that captured many great portaits in fashion as well as fine art.

Creepy Girl | Jenn Brill

She's got some attitude in her. Plus she's Terry Richardson's on and off girlfriend. Gorgeous and has great style.