Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Photoshoot | This Is Halloween!

Halloween is 2 days away and here at Chainsaws & Jelly it really is a BIG deal.  Scratch that, MONUMENTAL, MASSIVE, HUGE, get the point.  

Teamed up with my favorite Halloween buddy, Rosemary, because it is now tradition to do this every year.  She came over with a bag filled with monster goodies and we collaborated off our artistic and creative energy.  Always fun, never serious, and always spooky!

Thank you always to Rosemary because she is the bomb.  This is her job to make, create, and style awesome work.  Always grateful for her!

As always, all photos are shot on film.  

For more film adventures make sure to check out Queen of Antisocial.

Model/ Stylist/Creeper: Rosemary Gonzalez

Photographer/Witchy Woman: Sheena She

More photos after the jump!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Behind the Scenes | Halloween Rituals w/ Rosemary Gonzalez

Second year in a row where Rosemary and I collaborated on our creepy ways.  Here are some Polaroids from that day.  Rosemary brought so much goodies and we really got creative.  I love the energy and most of all how much fun we have making art.

Stay tuned for the full shoot coming this week, just in time for Halloween.  Stay creepy my babies.

For more film photography, make sure to check out Queen of Antisocial!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Artist | The Art of Khari

Awesome new work from Khari! He's a local artist here in the lovely state of NJ. Make sure to visit his show this Saturday, September 13th over at Ironworks Gallery in Orange.

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